Mixed Radish Microgreens

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Radish Microgreens have the same spicy flavour you’d expect when you bite into a fully grown radish. Radish Microgreens are high in vitamin C but also contain all sorts of vitamins and nutrients across the board. They even offer a good amount of protein.

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Colour: Green/White/Red/Pink
Size: Small

LMG’s Organic Mixed Radish Microgreens consists of Daikon, Red Rubin and Vulcano. Our radish microgreen mix is not just beautiful in appearance and full of flavour, it is also highly nutrient dense too. Radishes are a superfood in their own right, but in the microgreen form, they are a super-superfood. Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, they are thought to boost immunity, support cardiovascular health and maintain healthy skin moisture levels with their high water content and concentrated source vitamin C. A delicious addition to salads, wraps, sandwiches and smoothies, mixed radish microgreens have a mild peppery flavour that will transform the most basic of dishes. You can mix them with other microgreens to create a nutritional packed salad, blitz them with nuts, olive oil and garlic to create the most amazing pesto, or blend them with fresh berries to give your pre-workout smoothie with a spicy kick. They are low in calories, virtually fat free, and as the contain a good source of plant-based dietary fibre, they’ll leave you feeling fuller for longer. When consumed regularly, radish microgreens can boost energy levels and encourage the body to turn fat into fuel. So they are a great all rounder when it comes to weight loss.

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