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Microgreens for Sale in Liverpool

Liverpool Microgreens

Microgreens Produced With Love

We provide microgreens for sale in Liverpool and Wirral, taking pride in local produce that is eco-friendly and full of nutrients. Microgreens lose around 55% of their vitamins by the time they hit the shelves, which is why we supply the local community with produce that is hydroponically cultivated under perfect levels of volume, airflow, temperature and humidity. The end result is rich with nutrients and antioxidants, along with having a uniquely fresh flavour. We harvest and deliver on the very same day to give customers an optimal level of freshness and nutrition. So, if you are looking for high-quality fresh microherbs that promote health and wellbeing, look no further than Liverpool Microgreens.

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microgreens for sale in liverpool by Liverpool Micro Greens



Our Story

Last year, we decided to buy a caravan in Wales. We needed somewhere to get away to for little breaks from time to time. We call it “Casa de Jayce” – “Home of Jayce” in Portuguese. It sits on a nice, quiet site with lots of lovely and friendly people. We grew many plants outside, and one day my partner bought some herb seed. Having never grown herbs before but always wanted to, I dived straight in, learning and researching how they grow, what environmental conditions they like, how to feed them, and so on. While reading about the different varieties, colours and flavours of microgreens, I also came across how beneficial they are for our health and wellbeing. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these microgreens are jampacked with goodness. I also learned that they can be grown indoors under artificial lighting with an extremely quick turnover (around two to three weeks). As a result, I started to look at who was supplying microgreens in my area, and there was nobody! Some are supplying leafy greens grown under hydroponic conditions, but not specifically microgreens. So, that is why I’m here today – to provide first-class, locally produced microgreens for the community.

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