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Microgreens for Sale in Liverpool

Liverpool Microgreens

High-Quality Produce

If you are looking for first-class microgreens for sale in Liverpool, take a look at Liverpool Microgreens’ online shop. We provide extremely fresh and nutritious microgreens for both commercial and domestic purposes, spreading our passion for natural nutrients and vitamins to people in Merseyside and Wirral. Grown hydro-organically at our vertical/urban farm in Liverpool using only filtered water and organic products, our microgreens for sale in Liverpool enhance your health and wellbeing, look beautiful, and taste phenomenal. We harvest and deliver on the very same day to ensure that customers receive the highest possible quality and quantity of available nutrients.

Take a look at our products to purchase affordably priced, high-quality microgreens for your home or business.

microgreens for sale in liverpool



Our Micro Greens

Microgreens young vegetable greens that are harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed and grown hydroponically under carefully monitored, specificied conditions in order to produce a high concentration of important vitamins in each plant. Microgreens commonly grow between one and three inches tall and are often used as both a visual and flavour component in fine dining restaurants, bringing their own unique sweet and spicy flavours. We have a wide range of different microherbs available, from pea shoots to Japanese parsley, and plan to keep expanding our number of microgreens for sale in Liverpool and Wirral.

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Our selection of Microgreens for sale.

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Why Choose Liverpool Microgreens?

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Health and Wellbeing

Our microgreens are given the perfect environment in which to become rich in nutrients and vitamins. Packed with the likes of potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper, they give your body the vitamins it needs and also serve as a great source of antioxidants.

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Local Produce

You may not know that, with typical supermarket produce, around 55% of a plant’s vitamins are lost by the time it hits the shelves. That is why we grow and sell everything locally, ensuring that customers receive microherbs of the highest quality.

Micro herbs and microgreens for sale in liverpool

Environmentally Friendly

Keeping things local also means that emissions are kept down. Due to growing in hydroponic conditions, we use 80% less water than regular local produce. Moreover, in order to avoid the damaging impacts of plastic, all our packaging is completely biodegradable.




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For incredibly nutritious, environmentally friendly microgreens for sale in Liverpool and Wirral, check out the range of products available at Liverpool Microgreens.


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